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Mr. N. K. Jain.


The journey of Sigma Group started from a very modest beginning in India, in 1991 by Mr. N. K. Jain. This journey of hardship, mapped by a vision, has driven the organization to a continuously honorable position, providing our yearnings and fulfilling the devotions of all who contributed simultaneously towards its path of development.

We are satisfied of our key achievement as a driving player in the close-by field and as an imperative provider of its items over India. In a concise traverse of time, we have broadened and progressed as a steel organization with an alternate regard included item portfolio.

Sigma Group reflects the steady growth of our financial standings over a period of time and also highlights the outstanding achievements that have seen us grow to the level of operations that we are today. At Sigma Group, we are continually endeavoring to offer high-quality products and services through complete quality management, research & development, and product customization techniques & services by implementing process safety and environmental protection.

We persistently contribute to innovation headway and prepare integration to include more esteem and create high-quality products. Our victory depends on our client choosing us.

Our strength lies in working closely with them to make value and trust, together with superior products and services. Our philosophy of quality and commitment has empowered us to build–up to a long-term sustainable relationship and compatibility with our regarded clients. We are devoted to deliberately grow to encourage in steel division & captive control and develop along with our clients.