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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Sigma believes in CSR and places great importance on supporting local charitable, educational and cultural causes. Through the years, it has made many meaningful contributions to the communities in which it operates.

At Sigma Group, care, concern and social empowerment lie at the core of our business model. To us, social empowerment is not an option, but a business imperative. It encompasses our business objectives, our responsibility to the society and eco-sphere and also, our efforts to enrich the lives of our workforce.

Our Organization is built and developed by the combination of accomplishments, trade development and commitment to the society.

Advancing ahead with commerce interface, what we never disregard in our Corporate Social Obligation. We accept in building a relationship both inside and remotely. We are committed to ensuring well-being and security of our representatives and community where we work.


The greater part of our offices uses strict energy-management and waste-minimization strategies, taking the measures of incline fabricating.

Sustainability is firmly embedded in the business. Our products are 100% recyclable and we for all aims and reason the majority of our waste materials, regardless of whether from the plant or our work environments.

Our dedication to continuous improvement ensures that we are always building on these successes, creating a thriving, environmentally sensitive, socially responsible business of which our employees, customers, and all our stakeholders can be proud.

Sigma Group’s Strong belief in social responsibility is inspired by its commitment to take care of Environment, Health, and Safety of its employees and neighborhood.

In recent times, our corporate social responsibility initiatives were focused on the following areas:

Health & Safety

Sigma Group is committed to the health and safety of its workers, clients, and the encompassing neighborhood. Their well-being takes priority over our financial objectives and needs. We offer a secure work-place for our representatives and communities by taking suitable steps to dispense with wellbeing and security dangers that can cause mishaps and illness.

Our proactive wellbeing arranging underpins programs and arrangements that increment company efficiency by pushing mediations that advance great wellbeing and minimize the unfavorable person and company impacts of ailment and damage.

Health and Safety policy ensure our workers, our clients, and the communities where we live and work.

Our commitment to operating responsibility ensures we make and keep up secure and sound work environments, pay attention to our natural assets and create economical advances and trade hones that contribute to financial development and success.

We are committed to executing a program of exercises to realize persistent enhancement in wellbeing and security execution of our representatives & society at huge.

Illustrative areas of activities are –
  • Health checkups.
  • Medical camps.
  • Free Medicine distribution.
  • The organization has been implementing the progress of the project on behalf of the organization.
  • A series of training sessions for safe working practices.




We bolster natural activity in collaboration with intentional and community groups. We advance vitality productivity measures and contribute to the accomplishment of worldwide maintainability. We aim to take off a solid soil to our future eras and we are continuously taking steps to guarantee it.

We are aware that financial advancement doesn't matter if it is obtained at the cost of our environment. Our objective is to diminish the effect on the environment through a committed persistent enhancement venture for Environment management frameworks.

Illustrative areas of activities are –
  • We follow the emission guidelines as per Govt. policy.
  • We take cares that do not have any kind of pollution make.
  • We empower green zones around our establishments.
  • We are constantly educating our employees to keep the environment clean.
  • We plant trees inside and outside our premises.

We are providing good & on time services to our valuable customers.